MI Top Docs Proudly Presents February 2021 Approved Providers

February 2021

MI Top Docs and MI Top Dentists are proud to present the following recently reviewed and approved providers for February 2021.

MI Top Docs Include:


  • Dr. Michael A. Kalata
  • Dr. Mohammad I. Qureshi


  • Dr. Michelle M. Emery

Family Medicine

  • Dr. Michael C. Bishop
  • Dr. Michael I. Bruderly
  • Dr. Michael S. Clarke
  • Dr. Michelle M. Diebold
  • Dr. Miranda Makulski
  • Dr. Michael A. Merkler
  • Dr. Mohsin Qazi
  • Dr. Munzer Samad
  • Dr. Michael E. Zielinski


  • Dr. Musib Gappy

General Surgery

  • Dr. Michael A. Nizzi

Hematology / Oncology

  • Dr. Mohammad M. Chisti

Internal Medicine

  • Dr. Mohamed H. Abuharaz
  • Dr. Mirna Hani Farhat
  • Dr. Michael S. Krivitsky
  • Dr. Muhammed R. Mirza
  • Dr. Michael L. Rosen
  • Dr. Michael S. Schaeffer


  • Dr. Muwaffaq Salameh
  • Dr. Michael J. Unruh


  • Dr. Mohammed Al-Qasmi


  • Dr. Mohamed A. Khedr
  • Dr. Michael S. Salesin

Pediatric Cardiology

  • Dr. Monica M. Goble


  • Dr. Mirza A. Beg

Vascular Surgery

  • Dr. Mohmmed Margni